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Our heart with Sons & Daughters is to create a vision centric platform opposed to personality centric. This allows us to support our missionaries who are extremely gifted and anointed in their ministry work but who might have a harder time raising funds. The support that comes in to
Sons & Daughters is dispersed between all our missionaries. We do take gifts for specific missionaries for reasons such as special events, circumstances, projects and needs.
Please pray for Sons & Daughters
Biennial Conference/ Retreat taking
place in June 2023, in Thailand!



Sons & Daughters is an indigenous sending organization based in one of the least reached regions of the world. We exist to empower, equip, and encourage young believers from within this region as they share the good news amongst their own people groups, tribes and communities.  Many are called to work in difficult areas, among the poor and marginalized, bringing a hope and a future to the least of these.  

Indigenous missionaries are local people reaching local people. We believe indigenous missionaries are an important and irreplaceable part of global missions. 


It is our goal to provide a platform and partnership which enables the native missionaries to preach the good news to their own people groups. We are privileged to partner with people who are telling the world about the love and power of God.




We want to see the gospel spread rapidly and for all to know Jesus, that lives are changed and hearts transformed.  We believe that this transformation will stir a movement among the nations. 


We want to see locally-sustained churches planted, pastors equipped and continued discipleship among local believers. our heart is for the Kingdom of God to be established around the world.

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