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K & V

K, V and Baby J are now based in the South. Their plan is to plant churches there that would work to empower the local people in the city. They are in the process of networking with people and other churches in this area. They are also reaching out to the Northern families that have moved south.


K & M

K, M, and Baby Z are young leaders in the city of Ranchi. K and M are involved in starting house churches as well as starting a music school with the heart to raise up the next generation of worship leaders. M works with the women in her area and helps teach English.


A & J

A is passionate about reaching her own people group. She has recently married Joseph and they have welcomed Baby O. Together, they are finding creative ways to reach Buddhists. She is now the convenor for a YWAM base. A and J plan to take the gospel to new locations.


H & J

H and J live in the South where they are actively involved in ministry. H helps ministries set up administration processes and systems while J is passionate about children’s ministry and co-runs an outreach involving several local churches. They have also started their own ministry that reaches out to children from different villages.


G & M

G, M, Daughter A and Baby N are based in the South while G finishes his Biblical studies. M serves locally while raising their beautiful family. In the upcoming year, the family will connect and partner with a network of churches in the North. 



Sa is based in the Northeast. Her heart comes alive when she is in the mountains, reaching the small villages. She is volunteering at a café there and praying about continuing on for another year. She wants to share the gospel to the Tibetan people that she builds friendships with.



Su is currently enrolled in a course on Biblical studies at YWAM. She is part of an outreach as well as they minister to local villages. She is in preparation to fulfill her heart calling to reach the Muslim community in the 1040 window.


G & R

G and R have been faithfully serving in a small country in Asia for over 20 years. They have opened their home and are raising 12 girls as part of their family. They also run a business as mission to serve the local women. They are raising their children to go out into different workplaces and impact people with the gospel.

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